Geolander A/T G015

High Dimension All-Terrain Tyre

High Speed
On Road
  • Greater Durability and Longer Life.
  • Excellent Wet Grip and Off Road Traction.
  • Convertional Prodcut
  • Tread Compound Technology

Greater Durability and Longer Life

  • The tyre employs uniquely developed 3-D shaped sipes. The sipes, which are shaped into a three-tier pyramid, suppress breakdown of the tread block. This contributes to exceptional stiffness on dry surfaces and outstanding edge effects on wet surfaces.

Excellent Wet Grip and Off Road Traction

  1. 4 Deep Main Grooves
    • Enhance drainage performance
    • Provide exceptional maneuverability and anti-aquaplaning capabilities on wet surfaces.
  2. Optimized lug groove
    • The lug grooves get narrower as they approach the center section and gradually wider as they approach the grounded edge of the shoulder.
    • Beat down off-road surfaces for greater traction

Aggressive shoulder

  • Improving the tyre's follow-up durability

Conventional product

  • Enhanced the road-hugging properties of the shoulder and lug grooves
  • Ensure exceptional traction in off-road conditions
  • Optimizing the shape of the entire grounded portion of the tread also improves wear resistance.