• What are the sidewall information?
    A variety of information about a tyre appears on its sidewall. Knowing how to identify the matrkings can be useful when choosing a tyre.

    1. YOKOHAMA: Manufacture's name

    2. ADVAN Sport: Brand Name

    3. 205/55R16 91W: Tyre Size Designation

    4. V105: Thread Pattern Name

    5. Country of Origin

    6. Identification Serial Number


    8. Safety Warning

  • Asymmetrical tread patternand specified tyre rotation

    Tyres with a directional pattern need to be mounted according to the indications on the sidewalls to ensure maximum performance. Make sure you take note of the directional pattern when mounting the tyre.

  • Original Equipment Tyre

  • How to Read Tyre Size


    Here is the different formal of tyre size from different countries.

    1. Nominal section width (mm)

    This refers to the width of the tyre excluding design and lettering on the sidewall, etc.
    *Does not include rim guard

    2. Aspect ratio (series, %)

    This figure indicates the ratio of a tyre's heigh
    Aspect ratio (%) = Tyre height / Tyre width x 100

    3. Construction code

    "R" stands for radial structure

    4. Nominal rim diameter (Inches)

    • Refers to the diameter of the wheel rim suitable for the tyre. The term "tyre's inner diameter" is also used

    5. Load Index (LI)

    • An index expressing the maximum load permitted for a tyre under established conditions

    6. Speed Symbol

    • This indicates the maximum permissible speed in symbols under established conditions

    7. Speed Category (ZR: over 240km/h)

    8. Nominal outside diameter (Inches)

    9. Nominal section width (Inches)

    10. Load Index: Single/Dual

    11. C: Commercial vehicle

    • Complies with ETRTO (European tyre regulations)

    12. P:Passenger car tyre

    • Complies with TRA (Noth American tyre regulations)

    13. LT: Light Truck

    • Complies with JATMA (Japanese tyre regulations) or TRA (Noth American tyre regulations)


  • Where's the best place to obtain information about Yokohama products?